Happy 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. That said, Christmas and New Year feel like a long time ago now. Suddenly it’s the middle of January and we only have 2 days left in Beautiful Bali. 2 DAYS! S**T! So, before we jump on a plane and leave the Island of the Gods, I thought I would try and fill you in on how we spent our last month and a half here.

December got off to a rocky start (quite literally) when Jim took a tumble on a big wave and landed bum first onto the reef. WHOOPS! It transpired that what I thought was just a lot of ‘man- moaning’ about a sore bum was actually a severely bruised (and possibly cracked) coccyx. I became aware of the severity of Jims injury the next day when he declined to join the boys surfing because he was in too much pain. The alarm bells went off. I cannot stress how unusual this is. This is a man who loves surfing SO much that sometimes he surfs until he is so tired he is slurring his words and can only be coaxed out of the water by the promise of chocolate or a surf later in the day. I swear he would continue surfing with half his arm hanging off if he thought he could manage another 15 mins in the water. He’s not called Captain Frother for nothing!! If I am perfectly honest I was less concerned about Jim’s injury and more concerned for my own sanity as I knew what lay ahead. Despite outwardly looking fine, Jim’s injury needed time to heal and he was faced with his worst nightmare, REST. Now you might all be feeling very sorry for Jim right now, but I am telling you this was actually my nightmare, not his. When the word ‘weeks’ was mentioned, I thought I was going to throw up. How on earth was I going to keep him: 1. Occupied, 2. Cheery and 3. Out of the water long enough so he didn’t make it worse?! I am pleased to say I (sort of) managed all three and that our marriage survived. I was however subjected to (sometimes hourly) ass updates which detailed exactly how Jim felt his bum healing was progressing. To me this ‘progress’ appeared to be directly related to the amount of pain killers he had consumed…….but I wasn’t going to mention that. 5 weeks of rest and he is finally back to surfing – Thanks goodness.


So, with surfing off the cards we were free to do what we normally do at Christmas; eat lots, drink lots and laze around watching TV! I have to say, it was very enjoyable. I actually felt salt free for the first time in ages. Lots of our pals left for Christmas at home and the place really started to get quiet. Early December to Christmas was the first time I felt a little home sick since we left. I would have loved nothing more than to pop back to surprise Stu and Lynne on their wedding day and spend Christmas with our families, but sadly it wasn’t to be.
Fortunately for us My Uncle Colin; Auntie Livy, brother and sister-in law took pity on us and clubbed together to get us a Christmas treat. Thanks to them we were able to spend Chistmas Eve and Christmas day in the luxury surroundings of the brand new Sheraton Hotel in Kuta, it was AWESOME! Hot water, a BATH, swimming pools, air con, room service and Sky TV, what more could you want? You should have seen the colour of the bath water…who knew you could get so dirty?! We had such a fab time. Thank you guys, it was appreciated more than you can imagine and certainly made Christmas away from home a little bit easier.


On Christmas Eve we hit the town, splashed out (£3.50) on an all you can eat BBQ, which was amazing and drank our way through the drinks promos in town with Ray. It was lots of fun. We spent all of Christmas day lounging around in our luxury surroundings, swimming and watching TV. The only exception was the trip to MacDonalds at lunchtime….I KNOW I’m a dietitian and it’s hardly a Xmas feast…..but it had to be done!! It’s ok though, we had a proper meal later that evening to make up for it.


We also spent New Years Even in Luxury at Ku De Ta in Seminyak with Justin and Ashley, some of our friends from Perth. We brought in 2013 with fireworks overlooking the Indian Ocean right on the beach. SO much fun (even if we did drink a little too much vodka!).

As we are both off work at the moment, we (I) decided to set some New Year’s goals to keep us productive over the coming year. The Goals are as Follows:
1. Take one photo of our trip every day as part of a 365 day photo challenge
2. Have one liquid based meal per day – soup, broth, casserole or a smoothie
3. Develop my writing through my new blog
4. Do one physically active thing per day: Run, Trek, Surf or Swim
You get one guess as to which one I have already failed. If you need more, then you obviously don’t know me!

SO I lasted until the 11th of January with no booze. That’s an achievement, right? It seems so pathetic when I write it down on paper. Less than 2 weeks!! I really am rubbish. I have to say though, it was totally worth it! Ray has been trying to get me and Jim to the monthly pool party in Kuta since we arrived and up until this point we have never quite mustered up the motivation to go. However, some other friends we met surfing in Morocco had randomly pitched up, the boys had had a great surf in ridiculously shallow waters (Jim NEARLY got a full barrel, but wasn’t quite slow enough to get in it!) and the weather was amazing after a few rainy days, so everyone was in good spirits and up for some fun.

The party was really good fun. It was set up for drinking, swimming and diving off the balcony (through the gap specially made for ‘jumping’) in to the pool. They had adopted the Indonesian approach to health and safety, that is: if you hurt yourself, it’s your own fault for being so stupid. Therefore it was glass bottles in and all around the pool and people jumping over people swimming below. Thankfully the night passed with few casualties. The only people who that really got hurt were the few unfortunates that witnessed Jim and Rocco’s naked backflips into the pool. No one wants to see that. They obviously thought it was well received though as it happened repeatedly. Put it away boys!
We have had to travel for surf a little bit more in the wet season (now Jim’s bum has healed!). It has been great to see some different breaks but I hadn’t appreciated how spoiled we were in the dry season with so many choices on our doorstep. We have had a few fun drives in torrential rain, sporting our ponchos. A particular low point was being passed by Justin in his nice dry car as we made our way over an hour up the coast in a rainstorm to meet him for a surf. If his driver hadn’t have been so quick off the lights I would have abandoned Jim on the bike in favour of the car! Not what you need at 0530am!

In other news:

Wobbles, Ray’s cat is preggers. Father unknown.

We had a brand spanking new board bag made for our 3 boards and a cost of only £50. It is AWESOME.

Jim gave my beautiful Cath Kidston Bag, bought for me by the lovely girls in Oxford to the laundry ladies and they nicked it! SO gutted. They conveniently lost all ability to speak English when I brought it up and claimed no understanding of my Indonesian. The only thing they seemed to understand was ‘bad karma’ but even that didn’t bring my bag back. SOB.

So, we are off to Perth in just 2 days and I can’t believe it. So far on the itinerary is: City tour so I can check out where I used to live and also get some shopping done, spending time with Justin and Ashley, a long weekend away in Margaret River for wine tasting, beach days, surfing (or as it’s known in Perth, shark baiting) and food with Aarron, Jess and 10 of their friends (Thanks for organising guys!) and some work shadowing with the IBD team in Freemantle Hospital for me. It’s going to be fun!

We are also looking forward to fast internet, Skype and being able to post stuff!
Happy 2013!
Helen x

One thought on “Happy 2013

  1. Thanks for the latest update Helen – entertaining as always! Good luck with the “one liquid meal a day” – you could always have Guinness if you go off soup ……

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