A Quiet October


We are back for an update, refreshed and ready to write!  I should firstly apologise if my last blog post was slightly incoherent, as my brain was a little mushy when I put it out.  The combination of a dissertation and exam revision (plus food, friends and beer) was taking its toll on my senses, so I hope this post is a little better!

As I have indicated above, I have now finally finished my International Olympic Committee (I can never spell that word right first time) diploma in sports nutrition.  I will find out whether I’ve been successful later this year, so fingers crossed!  The exam took me a ridiculous amount of time to get through.  You’re supposed to be able to fit it into a normal working day, but it was a struggle!  This might, however, have been due to the impromptu beer consumption the night before, courtesy of the reappearance of my wobbly will power.  Ooops.  We had decided to head out to support our friend Paul in his Single Fin DJ debut over here and I can’t dance without beer.  I know a few of you will say I can’t dance with beer either, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.  Give me a couple of Bintangs and I will rule that dance floor!  Jim didn’t have to worry about his hangover too much.  While I was busy with my exam, he managed to get through it, sitting at the pool bar in the fancy hotel we checked into (for the high speed WiFi) treating himself to a little hair of the dog. Jealous? Me? Noooooo…..

Despite the badly timed party night, the last month has been quite a quiet affair.  All our visitors have left and the resort itself is starting to wind down after the crazy busy months of July, August and September.  Which is kind of nice.  Me and Jim have settled back into our routine and only really head out for a treat ‘date night’ once a week.  Awwwwww. Haha. (PUKE).

I did have a rubbish few days when the dreaded ‘Bali Belly’ finally caught up with me. I won’t go into details as I’m sure people don’t want to read that (especially if you’re reading this over your lunch!) but needless to say it wasn’t my finest 24 hours.  Jim slept thought most of my ordeal (naturally).  I have to say, it’s a little annoying that he has managed to stay predominately injury and illness free for the last 5 months, where I in comparison have been an accident prone, walking germ fest.  I’m pretty sure it’s not down to better eating or hygiene habits!  How does he do it?!

Jim however, did have to deal with a small crisis of his own this month when I had a little broody moment after seeing a Hindu ceremony down at the beach.  The celebrations here are always quite a spectacle, but I was distracted this time by a group of new mums attending with their small babies.  They always have them dressed up in Balinese traditional temple wear and they look SO CUTE.  I defy any woman to see these gorgeous children and not feel a tug on their heart strings!

I haven’t yet got a picture, but I will have to ask for one at some point, so I can share.  Jim calls them ‘temple babies’ and steers me away from them at every opportunity.  He says it’s so he doesn’t have to endure the torture of me going all gooey and coo-ing over them, but I think it’s really because he doesn’t want me to see HIM get gaga with the babies in case I get any ideas!  Anyway, he made a mistake when he broadcast my broody moment on Facebook. This action caused all our friends with offspring to bombard him (and me) with pictures of their gorgeous babies in the hope that we might join them in the world of new parenting. That’ll learn him!

We now have a whole new house full of people as many of the people we shared our accommodation with have moved on.  Hans left a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t seen Jim do a peace sign since. We miss our roomie, but it’s kind of a relief that Jim’s transformation wasn’t permanent!  I am now living in a house full of boys which means, although my mother will not believe this, I am definitely the tidiest one here.  Jim loves it though as they are all pretty good surfers and so he is getting out and about surfing with them in new spots most days.  I am very proud of how much he is improving!  Unfortunately for Jim, he has recently discovered the negative effect of surfing so much.  The reason for which is neatly (if I don’t say so myself) explained in the equation below:

Surfing + Sunshine + Jim = Ginger Jim

HA!  Photos to follow….hehe

Although Jim is positively miserable if he doesn’t get in the water twice a day, I have decided that I am happiest surfing for a couple of hours, just once a day. More than this and I start to feel it becoming less of a hobby and more of a chore.  I never thought I would say this, but I have really started to miss the other forms of exercise I was doing before.  Particularly running (I REALLY never thought I would say that).

So, as I no longer am a slave to my course work, I have decided it is best to set some goals to keep me focused and productive while we are away.

You might have noticed that I have updated my blog site to this swanky new one!  This has come about as I have started to explore the blogging and social networking world, something I’ve never really found the time to do before.  I have been really inspired by some of the interesting blogs I have read, in-particular the ones with a nutrition and health focus.  I have decided that this might be a fun and productive way to keep my dietetic skills up to date while we are away and so I am working on setting up a second blog.

I thought about using this one, but as the primary focus of this blog was to give people a little insight into what me and Jim have been up to on our trip, I thought I would keep them separate.  That said, I would love it if you followed both!  It’s a work in progress at the moment, so I will let you all know when I get it up and running! Exciting!

I can’t believe we have been here for nearly five months already.  The time just seems to be flying by.  Our travel plans are starting to take shape now for next year and we hope to have them finalised just after Christmas.  So far the plan is to stay here until the 20th of January when we will leave to spend 3 weeks in Perth with Friends.   We will leave Perth for New Zealand on the 10th of Feb and hope to spend 4 months in a van traveling round NZ.  If our marriage survives 4 months of van living we will prob be heading back to Bali but we are in the process of sorting out dates for a trip to South America with our friends Ashley and Justin.  Exciting! SO we will see.

I plan to do a half marathon in NZ and maybe a few other fitness challenges, which will be fun and I will probably post about them in more detail on my new blog when it is up and running!

It’s getting hotter here now with the rising humidity, which is a little strange as we know it is getting colder at home.  There are definitely a few things we will be sad about missing this winter.   Christmas without the cold and our families’ might be a little bit weird and we are so sad we won’t be there for the Lawson Nuptials in December. SOB! Get working on putting together that Skype table at your wedding reception guys!

Anyways, I think that’s you all up to date.

I will write again next month!

Helen x

PS apologies for the lack f photos…..we have been VERY slack with the camera this month.  More to follow. x

2 thoughts on “A Quiet October

  1. Hi Helen – Glad you have been doing some work and that you are setting yourself some challenges. We too will miss Christmas at home as we head off to Christchurch NZ on 24 Nov until 14 Jan. Love Katherine & Mike xx

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