No Surf Days

This blog post is a little late because, as usual, was down to the wire on my latest assignment and I couldn’t face the computer for at least 3 days post deadline….but I’m back! And with a few less tales of woe this time as well.


Tuesday 3/7/12 (Day 33).


Today is the worst sort of day.  It’s a no surf day.  Worse than that, it’s an UNPLANNED no surf day. Which means, that while I am happy to give my weary arms a rest from surfing and get on with my day, Jim is constantly checking the surf report and questioning our decision not to surf Bingin (surf break) at low tide over razor sharp reef. Thankfully there is some rest-bite when he scoots off (again) to see that there is DEFINITLEY no surf at our local break today and the tide is indeed too low.


I have found attempts to distract him from his non-surfing misery have not been successful. His least favourite pass time so far has been ‘the shoe game’.  It’s one I think people will be familiar with. In this game Jim has to tell me which shoes go with the outfit I am wearing. It’s a game he cannot win as obviously, he always picks the wrong shoes. It is also, it appears, one he has no interest in.  However, he can be cheered up temporarily with a game of ‘how much were we under budget yesterday?’ which is NOT to be followed by ‘let’s spend that money on this’ which is counterproductive.


We haven’t done any big or exciting trips since I last wrote.  We have mostly stuck to our routine and have been surfing and working most days, which we are both really enjoying. Jims surfing is getting a bit better than mine….which is very annoying. However, he has far more reef cuts than me, so I win. Even if mine is on my ass.


We did find the time to watch England get knocked out of the Euro’s.  I can’t say I am surprised this happened. Not because I have any footballing knowledge whatsoever, but because any football game I show even the slightest bit of interest in usually results in a 0-0 draw and as in this case, the loss of the team I am supporting. I usually also manage to wind Jim up with constant references and comparisons to hockey, which never goes down well.  Despite both knowing this we went against our better judgement and dragged ourselves out of bed at 02.45.  They play the games at our hotel and quite often we have been woken up with people cheering and chanting when there is a game on.  There are quite a lot of nationalities here, most commonly Brazilians who are often chatting about the games. We thought that the interest coupled with the cheering might mean that a few people would pitch up to watch. However, on arriving we discovered that we were the only ‘tourists’ to have any interest in the England vs Italy game. The room was full of young Indonesian guys, lots of whom had pillows and blankets and had clearly made the place a temporary camp for the entire tournament.  They were amazed to see us and excited we were there to watch the football with them. I think it was the most fun game of football I have ever seen.  I have never seen so many people chanting for both sides.  The Indonesian guys screamed and cheered when either team had the ball. When England missed their second penalty, they screamed and cheered and ran round the entire room high fiving each other like they had been die hard Italian supporters their whole life. It was hilarious. I nearly joined in! They did, quite kindly point out to us on leaving “Oh you England!!….You Looooose!!” Yes. Thank you. It reminded me very much of the Beach Bar in Lossiemouth.



Like I said, we have done a lot of surfing since we got here. Usually we try to go early in the morning around sunrise, if the tide is high enough, to avoid the crowds. It was on one of these morning surfs, while we were the only ones in the water, that I spotted a sharks fin. At first I wasn’t sure, but when I looked back, it was definitely a fin and definitely there. A few people have asked if it was big. I have no idea if it was big, but to me it was MASSIVE! After ****ing my pants, I shouted to Jim and pointed to the beach.  He paddled towards me as I tried (unsuccessfully) to paddle calmly towards the shore.  When I told him I had seen it, he stopped and looked around and said ‘Oh it will be ok’ and continued to paddle back out towards the waves.  He was so confident, I thought ‘oh, ok, silly me’ and started to follow him back out.  About a minute later I thought….errrrrm no, this is not ok! I had to order Jim out of the water, which afterwards I think he was secretly pleased about, so he didn’t have to suggest it. Sorry Jim.


I should update you on Scooter-Gate, which I discussed in my last blog post.  We sorted out the lost scooter with the owner and now have a nice new PINK one to drive. Jim was thrilled as I am sure you can imagine. We still don’t know what happened to our old one but luckily our friend Carole who is over here brought us a nice new bike lock to keep it safe. Thanks Carole!


Since Carole has been here for the week we have been a little more sociable and had a few nights out.  We went into Kuta to some clubs and bars to meet up with an Aussie couple we know who were over for a few days.  It was fun, but I am definitely too old for music that loud!  We also (to Jims huge excitement) saw the Pro Surfer Michel Bourez in the Single Fin club in Uluwatu.  This is an open air bar with live music and a view of the Uluwatu surf break which is full of beautiful people (plus me and Jim and Carole).  I’m pretty sure Jim was one Bintang away from asking for surf guiding from Michel, but with persuasion, he refrained.


Next week we are really looking forward to seeing Anna, Al, Flynn and Udenis family who are here on holiday and then its home for a week for my brother’s wedding! Exciting!


The connection here is quite slow but I will try and upload some pictures if I can.  We haven’t any of us surfing yet, but hopefully will have some soon.


Helen x

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