All Things Bad Come in Three’s………….

(and I’m not talking about your children, Mum)

So, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks since I last wrote…….I will fill you in….
Firstly I have decided that I will (for now at least) up-date the blog every 2 weeks, as if I do it any more frequently I am unlikely to have anything exciting to tell you and you will all get very bored! 
We have settled into a nice little routine, which goes roughly, (tide dependant) like this:
6am Surf, 8.30am Breakfast, 9am-12pm Work, 12pm Lunch, 2pm Surf, 6pm Dinner, 10pm Bed. 
Sunday is officially laundry day! (Geeks).
Unfortunately, this last week has presented us with a few challenges.  So, as predicted, the ‘What not to do when you go to Indonesia’ guide begins….! Draaaaaaaammaaaaa!


Number One: The Case of the Missing Scooter

So, in a nutshell, we had our scooter nicked. Bummer!
We had said scooter, for about one week before it disappeared from the hotel car park and there are a number of theories of what might have happened, not that we will ever know!
Here goes…


Theory One: Lifted in a van from the hotel car park

Unlikely as there is (all be it not very good) night security at the Inn. 


Theory Two: Taken by mistake by a drunk & stupid tourist

This was the most popular theory for a while, for two reasons.  Firstly, there was a bike, exactly the same as ours, parked next to where our bike was taken from.  It turned out that it was a French guy’s bike that wasn’t staying at our hotel (lots of people come here to eat, as the food is good and cheap and they play the Euro games on a big screen). It went missing the night of the England/France game and stayed where it was for a few days, so it looked like he might have taken our bike instead of his. Secondly, we have since found out that lots of bike keys can work in different bikes!
We rented our motorbike from the cousin of our friend who is a tour guide here.  He has an excellent reputation and came recommended to us by friends.  During our time here he has been really good to us and helped us out a lot, so initially we ruled out foul play (we still don’t think he is involved). He called his cousin who knew the bike company of the bike left in the car park, the telephone number of which was printed on the company sticker on the front of the bike.  After discussions with them, he advised us the bike was due to be returned in 2 days and so we should wait and see if the guy who rented it turned up with our bike.  Unfortunately he didn’t have any contact details for the guy.  We were pretty confident of this happening, until the left bike was taken from our hotel back by a couple of lads.  They cut through the lock that had been put on it to stop it being moved without us/the hotel knowing and drove off. We just saw them scooting off on it on our way up for lunch but couldn’t stop them before they left.  We called the company who owned the bike, but they denied it was them that had taken it. And so we were back to square one.


Theory Three: Stolen back by the owner

This is what we initially suspected had happened but didn’t want to believe it! It is apparently a common scam where the owner of the motorcycle has a spare key for your bike, which he uses to steal the bike back.  They then claim it has stolen so that you have to pay lots of money for a replacement.  This is looking more and more likely….but we will have to wait and see!
Unfortunately the legalities of this are sketchy.  The bike we rented didn’t come with insurance, as many of them don’t (mistake) and we haven’t reported it to the police yet as a police report is likely to cost us lots of bribe money and is not likely to be useful to us as our travel insurance won’t cover this. Whoops!
Anyway. All part of the fun.  You live and learn. We will definitely be bringing a bike lock back with us from the UK!  I think our negotiating skills are about to get a bit of a work out too…..we will keep you posted!


Number Two: The Lost Credit Card

This is a short easy one. Jim lost his bank card. It is likely that he left it in the ATM when getting money out. Those of you that have been to Las Vegas with him will know this is not a new trick of his……the definition of stupid is?

Card cancelled. New one on its way. What a pain!


Number Three: Surf Board Tragedy.

So after a couple of days of being smug and lecturing Jim on his carelessness I had my own wee accident, which was definitely careless and much more likely to result in divorce than a lost credit card.
I am still not entirely sure how it happened, as I was still bleary eyed and half asleep.  However, at around 6.30am this morning, while getting ready for morning surfing, I propped Jims surfboard up outside our room out of the way so I could wax my board.  I did not do this very well and as I turned my back and walked away the board slipped over and bounced its way down the concrete stairs……
Surf boards are not hardy pieces of kit.
Jim remained very quiet while I shouted a lot of expletives (sorry mum) and ran to rescue his board from the bottom of the stairs.  There were some VERY impressive ‘dings’ in his board – 5 in total, and he was not a very happy man, to say the least. Whoops.

Having said that, he has, in part, forgiven me.  There are some new rules now about him being the only one allowed to carry and touch the boards..I am yet to discover if this means he will carry my board down to the beach… I doubt it somehow!
We still can’t joke about it, so I haven’t been able to mention to him the conversation that was had down at the ‘ding repair shop this morning (or more accurately, the guys front porch).  He is called called Jockey. 
Jockey: Nice Board, it is big! Many holes!
Jim: Yes. Its 7ft. My wife threw it down the stairs. (sullen face).
Jockey: It is for your wife, no?
Jim: No it’s my board.
Jockey: (looking puzzled) Why you have a girls board?
Jim: It’s not a girls board, it’s my board (still sulking)
Jockey: Yes. This is what the girls like.

Anyway….hopefully (touch wood) that will spell the end of our bad luck for now……I am sure I will have happier tales to tell you next time I write. Will also post some photos this week.
Lots of Love
Helen xxx

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